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• Suffer from indigestion problem?
• Suffer from low energy and tiredness?
• Suffer from low immunity?
• Want to look young and stay healthy?

Function4U organic enzyme drink

Today’s diet can be deficient in enzymes. Instead, the popular diet consists of nasi lemak, mee goreng, sugar loaded soft drinks, coffee and other fast foods. Moreover, most of our foods are fried, microwaved, baked, canned, frozen, or dried, all processes that deplete valuable enzymes. This puts the body’s digestive system under stress because the vital nutrients are not available to fuel the body. Consequently, it causes fatigue, headaches, excess weight, heartburn, bloating, constipation, gas, allergies and other digestive disorders.

Therefore, many children and adults are lacking digestive enzymes that are essential for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. This can show up as chronic bowel dysfunction. Thus, in some children and adults, enzyme replacement therapy are crucial for good health.

Function4U is made by using 100% organic and natural fruits and veggie based fermented enzyme with NO added preservatives, additives and colors. This is an easy and ready to drink at anytime and anywhere.