How to manage dry skin with MedSkin & MedSkin 3 In 1 Face and Body?

Dry skin is often a life-long problem and needs to be cared for every day. To help, MedSkin has developed a 3 In 1 Intensive Cream for dried, sensitive and troubled skin.

How much MedSkin 3 In 1 Intensive Cream do I need (to apply)?

Face, neck and ears One pump or teaspoon
Both arms Two pumps or teaspoons
Both hands Half a pump or teaspoon
Trunk Three pumps or teaspoons
Both legs Four pumps or teaspoons

Everyone’s skin is different, that’s why you should apply according to your need.

What is the best way to apply MedSkin 3 In 1 Intensive Cream?

  • Apply regularly during the day before the skin dries out.
  • Smooth the moisturiser into the skin in downward strokes, following flow of the hair so that the skin glistens.
  • Do not rub or massage as this generates heat and can cause itching or may block hair follicles.
  • Do not apply thickly as this can trap heat and cause itching.
  • Leave 30 minutes before applying other treatment products, e.g. flare-up relief products (steroids cream).
  • Re-apply MedSkin 3 In 1 Intensive Cream before your skin becomes dry again. For some sufferers this could mean moisturising up to five times a day.
  • After showering with a soap and detergent free, non-perfumed cleanser, such as MedSkin 3 In 1 Face and Body Wash, wait 5-10 minutes and then apply a moisturiser or emollient.
  • Always read the label. Do not use if you are allergic to the ingredients. Stop using the cream and consult a doctor if symptoms persist, worsen or a rash occurs.How should I use MedSkin 3 In 1 Face and Body Wash? MedSkin 3 In 1 Face and Body Wash is a cleanser which is preservatives free, detergent (SLS) free, non-foaming, non-perfumed and biodegradable.Use warm water to wet the skin. Apply MedSkin 3 In 1 Face and Body Wash in a stroking motion. Do not rub. Wash off. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel – do not rub. After showering or bathing wait 5-10 minutes then apply MedSkin 3 In 1 Intensive Cream.