What is acne and how to treat it?

A blemish forms when a pore becomes clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and follows by bacteria infection and inflammation.

Forms of acne

A whitehead occurs when a plugged hair follicle make a bump, but stay beneath the skin.


Blackheads describe plugged hair follicles that have reached the skin’s surface. The dark color of blackheads is due to exposure to air, it’s not dirt.


These are small pink bumps on the skin that are often inflames and tender to the touch.


The most obvious of pimple types, pimples are papules that have lesions on top filled with pus due to your body fighting the acne bacteria.

Blemishes can be whitehead, blackhead, papules and pustule.


Do you know that…
• Hormones, stress, genetics, and pollution can lead to a breakout.
• Acne can lead to depression, low self-esteem and low confidence.
• Squeezing, popping, or picking at a blemish can lead to scars and discoloration.

MedSkin Beaucoderm M.D.’s expert advice:
The secrets to get breakouts or acne under control are
• Using a consistent and non-irritating skincare combination for Acne. There are products that’s designed to work together for your acne prone skin, for example Protectist Mediwash and MedSkin Beaucoderm M.D. Acne Intensive Care Gel.
• Reducing the intake of high glycemic index (GI) food.
• Controlling your stress level.

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