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The Malaysian Like Me

We at Eldon, are constantly looking for ways to benefit our society via high quality, relevant and affordable products. Besides, we also sponsor events, money and consumer products for the needy.

Eldon and Flood Relief


In between Dec 2014 – Jan 2015, the Malaysian East Coast were hit by severe floods with more than 200,000 households affected and 21 cases of reported deaths. This flood has been described as the worst floods in decades. Therein, Kelantan was hit by the massive flood that became the worst in the history of the state.


The state of Kelantan had the most evacuees (20,468 to 24,765), followed by Terengganu (21,606), Pahang (10,825), Perak (1,030), Sabah (336) and Perlis (143).


Eldon transported food and medical supplies to the flood victims as well as setting up a fund-raising drive to collect donations for post-flood rehabilitation.

Eldon Nourishes Abandoned Children


Children who have been abandoned or orphaned need your help and love. They may face violence, fear, diseases, hunger, low self-esteem and insecurity. These children face countless hardships and need the joy of a wish.


Together with your help, we can change that. And we’re not going to stop until the world has no more abandoned children.

Eldon has been constantly supplying nutritional food, supplements and monetary funds to the Abandoned Children Home.

Eldon Help Old Folks Ignored by Families

“My children cannot afford to look after me. A mother can fend and care for all her children but that doesn’t happen when the roles are reversed,”


Abandoned and neglected old people need your help! We are stepping in to provide medical assistance, nutritional food and supplements and fund to the old folks home.